The Childgrove

Our Ghosts need Love Too

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The Historical Setting

St. Joseph MO and beyond

The Characters

There are many stories to tell.

A Novel by John Corbin Goldsberry

A nine-year-old boy from 1966 suffers a psychotic break and learns the secret behind the visions in his mind.

Another nine year old boy from 1914 is trapped by the circumstances of his family’s secrets.

Their lives are connected by tragedy, redemption, pain, and triumph in a journey that teaches them both about a bond stronger than time.

The Childgrove is set against two eras of change in the Midwestern city of St. Joseph MO and the real people and events that linked them together.

Originally published as two novellas, they have been combined and rewritten with additional chapters into one epic tale told in echoes that leads to an emotional conclusion..

Reader Reviews

Order this book! An amazing and intriguing story of this young man and his impact on others- in both lifetimes! I never knew what was coming next and couldn’t put it down! I opened the package, then read the entire book! 💕

 This is very well written. The way John Corbin Goldsberry describes the places and people is amazing! The story line is wonderful!

Excellent book with a shocking twist. This book really hit home with me. It is a tale of a childhood lost and found and has a bit of a shocking twist. I enjoyed it immensely…

This book is amazing. The description of the people, places, and events are written so you are drawn into the story. Once I got into it, it was hard to put down. The ending was a huge surprise.

 A riveting read! The story drew me in — a young boy who is a lonely and caring soul finds the mirror image best friend he’s always wanted. There are wonderful twists and turns that kept me engaged with every page.

LOVED it!! I found this book amazing and loved his descriptions, putting me right there in the story! We all have ghosts that need love!

The Author: John Goldsberry

This is my childhood, filled with imaginary friends who may be more real than I knew.

Nothing lasts. Nothing is static.
History flows like a river and we flow with it into the sea of forever. But that sea remains, remembers, and  accepts all. Time is not what you think it is.